Outstanding Event & Conference Management

As your specialized provider in conference, event, and association management, Podium offers effective and affordable conference management solutions through a range of conference tools, conference planning, and conference marketing services.

From association meetings to local/regional events and international conferences, you can count on the professional and experienced team at one of the industry's best-known event management companies.


Academic, Scientific & Non-Profit Event Specialists

Need an expert in academic, scientific, social-development, or non-profit events? Podium provides management services for a wide variety of events, meetings and conferences with a strong focus on planning and promoting events that engender social and scientific development.

We feel that through better, efficient and exceptionally organized conferences and events, stronger communities and relationships will develop.

Taking pride in supporting our clients with the highest level of service is part of our commitment to delivering a conference and vision that exceeds your expectations and those of your participants.


Find the Solutions & Tools for Successful Event Planning

Enhance your conference and association events with effective management, professional planning, and specialized conference tools, including easy-to-roll-out solutions like registration software, payment management software, and conference abstract submission software.

With expert conference marketing and association management services that increase your productivity and effectiveness, it's easier for you to focus on the overall success of your conference.


Contact Us for Effective Conference & Event Coordination

For specific information and inquiries on how Podium can help strengthen your conference, event, or association meeting, click this link and contact us today.



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Contact us today for effective and professional event management services as well as specialized conference solutions and tools.

Based in Victoria, BC Canada, Podium is known as one of Vancouver Island's leading companies for association
meeting management, event planning, and conference coordination.

We offer expertise as well as ready-to-use solutions to enhance your productivity and ensure your success, including web-based
registration software, specialized event and conference software, and integrated e-commerce tools.