Short on time?

We have the resources to meet your demands. - Our event management services and tools can help your organization deliver an event on time and within budget.

Maximize your conference potential.

Directly expand your market reach with a professional and optimally designed conference website that generates new leads.

E-Communication: Connect with your audience.

Smart and affordable email marketing solution that connects with your audience and boosts your attendance rates.

Podium's e-communication service sets your organization up with the tools needed to run successful targeted email marketing campaigns.

Increase your conference participation and attendance

Your email marketing campaign will not only draw-in new potential attendees with greater market reach, but communicate to your existing market through personalized and informed emails that proactively keeps them involved and apprised of what’s going on with your event.

Market your brand your way

Working with our email marketing service, powered by Emma, a leader in email marketing, your event has the freedom to create a "look and feel" with forms and stationary designed under your specific brand characteristics and styles.

This service allows your organization to learn more about your market through customized event campaigns that target specific clients and audiences, helping you to determine what messages they are responding to and signing up for.

Improve your bottom line performance

Making your event successful is our goal. Podium's email marketing and communication services allow you to maximize your investment and improve ROI of every dollar you spend to obtain new business.

How Our E-communication Service Stands Out

The impact that a proper email campaign can have on your organization is huge, but it needs to be done well. 

Experience in event marketing

Our specialization is event and conference management. Combine that expertise with a stylish and unique email marketing platform created by Emma, and your email campaigns will benefit greatly toward achieving campaign and organizational goals.

Do it the right way

Podium's e-communication service works directly with your organization/event in helping you create content that is clear and compelling, relevant and personalized and delivered in timely and accurate fashion.

Integrate and generate leads

Using our e-communication service allows you to set up your email campaigns using integrative conference tools including online registration, abstract and membership tools.

These specifically designed campaigns and emails will strengthen your brand image amongst your potential and existing market while gently encouraging them to visit your website and make informed sign-up decisions.

Sign up and find out how our e-communication service can positively impact your event.




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