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Conference Consulting

Sometimes the scope and complexity of conferences and special events result in the need for specialized advice or temporary assistance.

Therefore, we will work with your organization to determine your conference or events needs and develop solutions that fit your purpose with focus and guidance that complements our commitment to achievement.

These consulting services are offered by Podium on a fixed hourly rate or can be applied to a customized service package that suits your conference requirements and budget.


Our consulting services can meet your needs for conference advice in the areas of:

  • Bid preparations and strategic planning
  • Conference and event objectives, return on investment, design and development
  • Sponsorship and exhibition programs


Whether we partner with our clients to completely manage the event from conception to completion or provide specific services like logistical planning or on-site registration to support the delivery of the event, our guarantee is quality service and a commitment to make the event a success.


For more information and advice in conference planning, contact us.


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