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Grab peace of mind knowing that we have the tools to integrate your conference online registration system with affordable payment processing options.

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Online Event Registration 

Improve your event or conference success with an online registration service package that offers your conference and attendees convenience,  functionality and service, regardless of the complexity and requirements specific to your conference.


Powered under the Conference Manager platform, our event registration service is specifically designed to meet the needs of conference and event organizers, and provide you with the tools to improve your success.


Increase registration rates with greater reach

One huge advantage that an online registration management system provides your event with is the convenience and the ability for your guests to register online, which can lead to an exponential increase in the number of potential attendees at your event.

Our registration package works directly with your event and/or organization to maximize the benefit of using online registration. Customized integration with your event website and online payment processing will lead to additional online promotion and allow for immediate action to register.


Save time and increase your event value

The biggest internal value an online registration system has on an organization is the amount of time saved by not having to manually enter registrations into your system.

Podium's online registration system provides your staff with an effortless and quick start-up registration process that saves your staff from performing unnecessary tasks so they can focus on other critical areas that will lead to a successful event.


Implement a registration process that meets your needs

The Podium online registration system is designed to provide solutions to your organization, not problems.

With every registration there is a fee collection, our registration system has flexible payment options that work to collect credit card, debit card, checks and wire transfer payment with the money directly transferred to your merchant account.


Keep your eye on the dollars

Financial success to your conference depends on accurate reports, therefore our online registration system provides you with up-to-date, real-time payment tracking with automated features that trigger invoicing and payment confirmations.

Online event registration provides your organization with the benefit of accurate reporting and customized analysis that can give your marketing campaigns the boost it needs with a budget that fits your organization's plan.


Find out how our registration system can be integrated with your conference.



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