Integrate your abstract system with a polished conference website.

Abstract System: Clear, Efficient & Simple to use

Manage your conference or association abstract submission, review and notification process with an online abstract system that provides convenience to your submitters, frees up your staff and adjusts to your organizations needs.


Maximize the quantity and quality of abstracts submitted


We understand that, in the end, your conference or event will be judged by the quality of your informational sessions.

The Podium abstract system, powered by an industry leader in conference software - Conference Manager, will assist you in increasing your customers’ satisfaction by allowing you to focus on the quality or your sessions and not the logistics of submitting and reviewing papers.


Reduce administrative workload

For any event, resources may be thin and time is invaluable. Podium's integrated online abstract system does away with the old traditional, cumbersome and manual process of abstract coordination, review and notification freeing up your staff to focus on other critical areas.


Simplify your review and notification processes

Provide your abstract review committee with a simple and friendly collaboration process that enables them to circulate information and provide you with feedback no matter where they are located.

Acceptance and rejection notices can now be communicated to your presenters with a simple process that is quick and efficient but delivered in a personalized format.


Abstract service that works for you

With expertise and knowledge in conference and event management, we will work directly with your conference or association to determine what suits your unique needs and how to best adapt an abstract system for your specific requirements.

Because cost are always a concern, our abstract system is designed to be an economical solution that it provides positive ROI and affordability to even small conference/event organizers that aim to seek the same productivity benefits as larger organizations.


Contact us and learn more about how your abstract submission process can benefit from our system.


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